Who we are:

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Rabbi Elie Filler was born and raised in the suburbs of Silicon Valley, in the residential neighborhood of Palo Alto, California. Following elementary school he relocated to Los Angeles, where he continued his Jewish education at Yeshivah Ohr Elchanan – Chabad. He later advanced his Rabbinical studies in NYC, and received his Rabbinic ordination in Kfar Chabad, Israel. Rabbi Filler has had numerous opportunities for Rabbinic leadership, having directed a summer camp in Canada and run programs in Jewish cities throughout Germany.

Mrs. Bracha Filler hails from Brooklyn, NY, where she received her education at Beis Rivkah in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. After completing high school she travelled to Israel, where she studied at Beit Chana Seminary in Safed and was a student mentor at Mayanot Institute in Jerusalem. Bracha has extensive experience in Jewish education, having taught in Jewish schools in both NY and Israel.

Rabbi and Mrs. Filler met in Brooklyn, NY, and married in November of 2012. They taught in local Jewish schools while continuing their studies, and, in December of 2014, moved to Prescott with their son Mendel to establish a Jewish community. Chabad of Prescott is under the auspices of Chabad Arizona, a network of 20 Chabad centers across the state.

What we are about:

Chabad is an international Jewish movement, promoting Jewish life in hundreds of cities worldwide. Chabad’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Schneersohn OBM, charged his followers with a mission: To provide every single Jew, regardless of their background and upbringing, with the opportunity to experience and celebrate their Judaism.

Our founding principle is the triangle of love - love for God, love for Torah, and love for another - that unites the Jewish nation. We view every individual, regardless of their upbringing and religious affiliation, as being of infinite significance, and every good deed of immeasurable potential. This world is in need of a spiritual infusion. By spreading awareness of God and knowledge of Torah, we can bring the world closer to the purpose of its creation.

What we do:

Our goal is to create a warm and vibrant Jewish community in Prescott, where people of all backgrounds can find a home. Although our community is still young, we have, in the short time we’ve been here, already grown into a warm and loving family. Our first program after arriving in Prescott, a community Menorah lighting, was met with an enthusiastic welcome, with more than 150 people from the Prescott community coming to participate. A generous loan we recently received has allowed us to purchase a property, which will serve as the new home for all of our activities.

· Weekly Torah classes, catering to people of all educational backgrounds.

· Monthly Shabbat services, with no prayer experience needed.

· Jewish holiday programs, with programs for both children and adults.




Chabad of Prescott 



Chabad of Prescott

345 N Washington Ave

Prescott AZ, 86301


Phone: 928.362.8924


Email: [email protected]